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      Our Guangshun ventilation duct manufacturer has extensive experience in overall cutting stainless steel ventilation ducts. In order to facilitate everyone's understanding of the cutting matters of ventilation ducts, the staff will provide a detailed introduction.


      Work hardening of ventilation pipe is serious. Stainless steel and some high temperature alloy stainless steel are easy to work hardening when cutting. Work hardening tends to be several times higher than that of ordinary carbon steel. The tool will cut in the work hardening area and its service life will be shortened.


      The cutting force is strong and the cutting temperature is high. This utility model has high material strength, high tangential stress during cutting, large plastic deformation, and high cutting force. In addition, the poor thermal conductivity of the material leads to an increase in cutting temperature, which is often concentrated in a narrow area near the blade, thereby accelerating wear.


      Easy to stick knife. Stainless steel has the characteristics of strong chips and high cutting temperature. When strong and ductile chips flow through the front cutting surface, adhesion, fusion welding, and other adhesion phenomena may occur, affecting the surface roughness of the processed parts.


      Generally, it contains high melting point, high plasticity, high cutting temperature, accelerated wear, frequent replacement of grinding tools, which affects production efficiency and increases usage costs. Mainly to reduce the cutting line speed and feed rate. Use special stainless steel or high-temperature alloy processing tools to drill, drill, tap, or internally cool.